When we create a custom design for client events, we stress the use of impactful décor. We don’t want our clients’ spending money on stuff their audience can’t see in the event design. If guests can’t see or feel what the brand is trying to convey, then they can’t absorb the messaging. Spend your event dollars on key elements that will visually demonstrate to each guest the intent of your brand messaging.

Focus on Details That Say Exactly What You Mean

When enhancing or altering venue spaces and catering, make your changes different enough that guests recognize and appreciate the importance of those design elements and that they were made specifically for your event.

A great example of a misplaced design expenditure is renting basic wine glasses to replace the ones provided by the venue. Why is this bad? Because guests will have NO IDEA you spent money on alternative glassware and will assume they came with the venue. If you’re going to change something, go for a specific fit, not a generic alternative. The change should create an emotional connection to the brand colors, messaging, or event goals.

Another example is an event stage. Not every event needs a stage and if your event does, utilize the one provided by the hotel or venue. Spending money to bring in a different stage can be costly, and most guests will not understand that the stage isn’t provided by the venue. Instead, spend money on a fabulous stage set, that your guests can enjoy!

Choose Your Venue Wisely

Avoid selecting a venue, location, space, or hotel whose facility and ambience may fight against your brand. It is best to find a venue that complements your brand attributes, allowing the corporate event design to flow more freely. If you select a venue that conflicts with your brand, you’ll waste your marketing budget fighting the carpet, the chairs, the walls, in some instances the ugly paintings, etc.

We work with a client whose brand characteristics are minimalistic and highly stylized. To meet their event design goals, we utilize boutique hotels that are well-appointed and uniquely designed. These spaces allow us to focus on their event goals instead of covering up elements that do not fit their brand.

Event Space Attributes

When designing for a room with high ceilings, avoid short perimeter décor. If your décor is shorter than 6 feet high, it will visually disappear when guests of average height step in front of it. Invest in taller décor so it can be seen even in a crowded space.

In larger hotels, pre-function area furniture can usually be moved to create more space for your event design, but will generally cost you a fee. If you are able to incorporate the furniture into your overall design, it will allow you to put more money toward other aspects of the event. However, while these fees impact your budget, it may be worth it to transform the space into a completely branded atmosphere.

All Good Things Deserve the Time They Need

When booking your venue, make sure to arrange for enough set up time to install (and dismantle) any custom elements. If you have limited time for set up, you will need additional labor to get the design installed in time. This means spending money where your guests won’t see it, creates a drain on resources, and makes for a stressful timeline to deal with.

Our team generally asks for a minimum of four hours for load in and set up. However, if an event design is really involved or has multiple custom décor pieces that need to be built onsite, then we ask for access the day before, giving us plenty of time to install and complete the design.

Plus, with many intricate event designs, multiple vendors are usually involved. For each vendor that is added, you’ll need more dock space and access for load in and load out. At most hotel properties, you are allotted a certain number of dock spaces. Less time means vendors must unload quickly and move trucks to get the next vendor into the space, which again can mean more labor which translates into more money spent where the guests won’t see it.

Razzle Dazzle ‘Em

We can’t stress enough – dazzle your audience with décor and branding that they can visually consume and that will make the desired impact on them.

Don’t spend money on stuff your audience can’t see.

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