Client Objective:

Design a leadership work retreat for top employees that offered on-brand Instagram-able networking events and an educational opportunity for them to grow within the company.

Photo of the Alida Hotel
Photo of the JW Marriott on Plant Street


  • Unique Hotel Vibe – This client wanted a boutique-style hotel with high-end finishes that paired well with their brand. However, finding that type of hotel with the large number of rooms and meeting space required narrowed down the available property inventory.
  • Specific City – Savannah was the client’s chosen destination. Further limiting our options was a specific program date (during high season), maximum room rate, and volume of meeting space.
  • Attendance – Midway through planning this event, the pool of attendees went from 80 to 150, increasing not only guest rooms, but also expanding the amount of event area needed. To make this work, we incorporated sleeping and meeting space at a nearby hotel within walking distance.
  • Branding – This client is highly brand focused and wanted their guests to experience and connect with the brand at each turn.
Photo of rendering and installation of giant foam logo in pool

The Blue Spark Plan:

This program was a tall order, so we started with the most important first step: find a style-forward hotel, with the right number of guest rooms and an appropriate amount of meeting space in Savannah during high season. Although this was a challenge, with the help of our hotel partners, we were able to find the perfect fit for this group.

After the attendance number expanded, we worked diligently to come up with a solution for the client. Finding another hotel that was still on-brand and close to the main hotel was not easy. Luckily, a neighboring hotel across the street had just completed building brand new meeting space that proved to be the perfect solution we needed.

Once we secured both hotels, our team dove into doing what we LOVE: designing, revising, presenting, and installing custom brand-focused event designs with Instagram-able photo opportunities.

The client wanted a giant version of their logo to float in the hotel pool for their welcome reception. After several brainstorming sessions, our design team was able to present a rendering and execution plan for how we were going to bring our client’s dream to life.

Photo of welcome reception

Custom, reflective and branded ornaments decorated the trees at the welcome reception, and ice-crystal lights made the ornaments sparkle and dance in the trees. From beautiful floral arrangements with custom branded stones to unique furniture groupings, the welcome reception was a chic and interesting location for guests to take Instagram-able photos and network with one another.

The client really wanted to encourage networking at the final night dinner. We incorporated tables of six, eight and even twelve with open seating so they could sit together and discuss the day’s learnings. At each place setting, the reflective ornament from the welcome reception became a gift for each guest to take with them. After a delicious and well-designed menu, the guests danced the night away to their favorite songs from an incredible DJ!

Final Night Event Photos, DJ, Place Cards, Dining table

Services Provided:

High Points:

  • Researched and secured hotel needs for expanded event size
  • Designed, rendered, and installed a 14-foot-tall custom logo pool float
  • Created 150 branded reflective ornaments (that served as both decor and a guest amenity)
  • Branded event messaging to hotel awnings


We created unique and branded event designs that served as Instagram-able opportunities, allowing guests to connect to the brand and for the brand to connect to others via social media. The meeting space was well-appointed with clean, crisp, white drape that stayed true to brand-specific guidelines, creating the perfect setting for the guests to learn and grow during the week.

Client Praise:

I absolutely love working with Blue Spark! They are on top of every detail and handle everything with absolute professionalism and precision. The team is extremely knowledgeable and always knows how to make our crazy ideas work out. – Chief Growth Officer.

The Blue Spark Event Design Difference

This was an event to remember. From the cool vibe of the hotel to the over-the-top custom-made pool float, this was a great event for their leadership team to gather and learn together while immersed in their brand attributes.

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