The Client:

Internal committee across all disciplines within the business including executive and c-level members. None of the committee members were meeting planners by trade.

Client Objective:

Our client asked us to create an event in a location close to the host hotel, the JW Marriott Indianapolis, that would provide a unique and diverse experience expanding on the theme of the building, The NCAA Hall of Champions.

The Blue Spark Plan:

Our plan was to create an entertaining and intriguing event in a space that was very segmented for over 1,100 guests. With multiple spaces and different experiences in each space, we needed to unify the event as well as make sure guests found all locations within the event space. 

High Points:

  • Researched, negotiated and contracted a unique venue, the NCAA Hall of Champions and Conference Center, that would hold 1,100 guests within a 15-minute radius of the host hotel, the JW Marriott Indianapolis.
  • Coordinated and contracted a police escort for the first round of buses from the hotel to the venue to create a feeling of importance to the group. This also assisted in creating an easy pathway to the venue for the first set of buses during rush hour.
  • Negotiated and contracted collegiate mascots from around the country including: Otto the Orange from Syracuse University, Big Red from Western Kentucky University, Ace the Greyhound from the University of Indianapolis, Butler Blue from Butler University, and Herky the Hawk from the University of Iowa Hawkeyes.
  • Negotiated, contracted and logistically designed celebrity entertainment to coordinate with the sports theme within the NCAA Hall of Champions building. We utilized two Harlem Globetrotter members who are also former collegiate basketball players: Firefly and Hawk.
  • Contracted Butler University Marching Band to play when each bus arrived and the Butler University Cheerleaders to cheer for the guests once they made it into the building
  • Contracted and logistically placed sports games throughout the venue including: pool, darts, pop-a-shot basketball games, shuffleboard, foosball, air hockey, skeeball, etc.
  • Designed three different areas within the event with different types of interactive entertainment including: karaoke with a band, sports trivia interactive team with prizes, and a DJ for dancing.
  • Created a custom map for the guests to showcase where each event element was located within the venue


Services Completed:

Venue Contracting
Food and Beverage Management
Celebrity Entertainment
Collegiate Entertainment
NCAA branded merchandise for purchase
Police Escort
Client Branding
Audio Visual
Logistics and Timing


The Blue Spark Event Design Difference

This collegiate focused event gave the guests an opportunity to cheer for their favorite college team as well as mix and mingle through a variety of entertainment and activities that appealed to a broad range of people. From trivia, to karaoke, to Harlem Globetrotters and collegiate mascots, it was hard to find a guest who wasn’t enthralled in something. 



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