Client Objective:

Design multiple outdoor corporate conference evening events that embrace the tropical Florida weather.


  • Weather – All of the spaces were outdoors, including one on a beach with soft, deep sand. Wind, rain, and direct sun during set up were all considerations. (Learn more about how weather affects your events)
  • Different design, same set up – The client wanted to utilize the same outdoor space on two different nights not only for convenience but because the location overlooked the ocean. We designed the events so that the focal points each night were different, but the seating arrangement remained the same.

The Blue Spark Plan:

This conference was designed for repeat clients who love to come to Florida to enjoy the beautiful weather during the winter months.

Their guests are primarily from rural towns throughout the United States, so providing an appealing and inviting tropical environment was a great fit for the ambiance this client is looking for.

Services we provided:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Event Design & Graphics
  3. Onsite Meeting Producers
Photo of coral and palm leave overlay with centerpieces in Ft. Lauderdale
Photo of tropical centerpiece
Photo of Beach Party


The guests loved the ambiance and table design of each event so much that they regularly lingered beyond the conclusion of the events to continue to network, making tear down a little more challenging!

Photo of outdoor event in Ft. Lauderdale

The Blue Spark Event Design Difference:

Because this is a repeat client, we worked closely with our client to ensure that each event experience was unique and different than the years before. Although we have done multiple tropical themed events for them, each one is designed with a fresh, new and interesting look for their guests’ enjoyment.