Client Objective:

Design, organize and execute an incentive trip to the Dominican Republic including registration, room management, billing, food and beverage, onsite restaurants reservations, event designs for a welcome reception and final night event, entertainment, and onsite management.


  • Communication – Communicating with an island-based resort can be challenging. We expect quick and efficient communication, however, a language barrier and relaxed response time can make producing incentive trips more difficult than in the United States. Because we are experienced in this area, we always aim to communicate often, early, and abundantly using translation tools and photos as needed.
  • Travel costs – Because of the skyrocketing airline ticket prices, fewer guests were able to attend
  • Extensions and guest billing – Many of the guests extended their stay at the resort, which was billed to them directly. Gathering approval from the hotel for those extended dates proved untimely and inefficient, creating frustration among the guests who were trying to book their airfare.

The Blue Spark Plan:

Sand, sun and a bountiful food and beverage experience was important to this client’s getaway experience. Even with our team’s years of experience communicating with island hotels, our expectations for quick turn arounds can still be challenging. Our process to tackle this problem is to start as early as possible and overcommunicate the event needs and strategy.

This Dominican Republic incentive trip was held at the Dreams Onyx Resort and Spa. It was our fifth year producing this client’s incentive trip, and we were looking to elevate their experience while keeping the client on budget.

Incentive Trip
Hotel room for incentive trip

For the first evening, we designed a welcome reception filled with beautiful Dominican-style passed appetizers and an open bar. A sound system played tropical music in the background as guests networked and connected with old friends. Announcements were made to acknowledge the guests’ hard work on winning the trip and then they were off to their individual dinner reservations on property.

During their leisure days, guests congregated at the pool, sipped tropical drinks, delighted in the all-inclusive resort’s amenities, and enjoyed the Dominican sunshine together.

Photo of Event Design on beach. Dominican Republic

The final night is always a big celebration of their guests’ efforts to win the trip. So this evening’s event design was elevated and perfect for Instagram photos and custom branded décor. From the posh, textured linens, to the custom built overhead floral and Pampas grass décor, wicker chargers and a custom-branded wall perfect for that Instagrammable photo, this was an event to remember!

Entertainment included a DJ who kept the party going, and a fire performance troupe who dazzled the guests with their daring feats of fire blowing, tossing and spinning. The client’s leadership also addressed the crowd, thanking them for their hard work and efforts, concluding an epic incentive trip.

Services provided:

  • Registration
  • Rooming list management for all guests including elevated VIPs as well as award winner upgrades
  • Billing on behalf of the client as well as individual before and after stays for guests.
  • Onsite dining reservation management for leadership
  • Event design for a welcome reception and a final night event
  • Entertainment and audio-visual needs
  • Management of activity essentials, like towels, water, sunblock, etc. for offsite activities


The guests had an amazing time experiencing the Dominican Republic for the first time. The resort was clean, and the food was good. Each event design offered a wonderful way for guests to connect with each other, and custom branded opportunities for them to share the brand online.

Fire Performer on beach in Dominican Republic

The Blue Spark Event Design Difference

Producing incentive trips in the Caribbean often, our team has learned to have the patience of a saint. Working on island time, and with translation issues can be difficult and trying at times. However, with our rockstar team members, we know that the best way to get events produced efficiently is to over communicate and follow up. Through perseverance, we produce some amazing events for our clients, even when the barrier to entry is high.