Client Objective:

Craft an exclusive branded event design centered around the launching a new marketing message.

This event design was meticulously designed for a masculine audience, offering them valuable networking opportunities alongside unforgettable live music performances.

Moreover, we strategically placed branded elements throughout the event to ensure maximum exposure for our esteemed client, Siplast. Prepare to be immersed in a truly remarkable brand journey!

Event Entrance in Houston


  • Weather – When it comes to designing rooftop pool areas, the weather is always a crucial consideration, especially the wind. Our design had to not only be effective but also able to withstand strong winds.
  • Communicating the Launch – To effectively communicate the launch of our client’s new product, we had to go through multiple discovery and brainstorming sessions. After careful consideration, we realized that incorporating the theme of Houston into the event would be a fantastic way to convey the message and purpose of the launch.

Services provided:

Illuminated entrance
Houston Launch Party sponsored event
Houston Band at Marriott Marquis
Launch Pad event
Corn Hole at Marriott Marquis, private event
Branded light up balls and centerpiece

The Blue Spark Event Design Difference

Our team loves creating unique branded event designs for our clients.

We prioritize the marketing messages and ensure that every element contributes to its success.

Whether it’s the captivating entertainment, cozy networking spaces, or the exciting interactive games and branded details that bring the event together, our clients can expect nothing short of a spectacular experience.

Houston Launch event