Incorporate interactive features into your event with customizable write-on walls, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience. This innovative addition not only allows your guests to leave their mark but also provides an opportunity to showcase your brand.

Here are three tips for write-on walls and three examples from past events

Brand Activation - Write on Wall

Know Your Space

At this event at the Phoenix Convention Center, we found the perfect nook to put up a three-sided branded write-on wall. Lots of measurements and discussions went into building this interactive write-on wall but it turned out great! (floor plans with specifics help communicate locations as well – learn more on how to improve your floor plans)

Throughout the three-day conference, the client’s graphic design captivated guests by providing thought-provoking questions about their businesses and what fueled their inspiration.

As the days went by, the wall became a canvas that gradually filled with not only visually stunning artwork but also uplifting quotes that sparked conversations and connections among the attendees.

Blue Spark Gaylord Rockies Corporate Conference

Don’t Make it Too Tall

Not all guests are blessed with towering height, so it’s important to consider everyone when it comes to write-on walls.

Keep the wall at a reasonable height of around 6-8ft, striking a balance between artistic freedom and accessibility for those who may be vertically challenged. This way, everyone can leave their mark exactly where they desire, creating a stunning masterpiece together.

The focal point of this captivating write-on wall was the theme of Breaking-Through. Entrepreneurs from at all levels of success seized the opportunity to showcase the incredible obstacles they overcame on their journey to success.

By leaving their mark on the wall, they not only celebrated their own achievements but also motivated and encouraged fellow business owners to persevere and reach new heights.

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Connect your Brand

In the heart of Washington DC, we created an interactive station that truly captured the essence of our client’s brand.

A magnificent 14ft tall replica of their logo stood tall, inviting guests to unleash their creativity on the base using sleek silver Sharpie markers.

The atmosphere was electric as attendees eagerly penned down words of inspiration and encouragement for one another during the conference.

With the theme centered around monumental achievements, we encouraged guests to share their own defining moments that propelled their businesses to new heights.

Write on wall
write on wall
write on wall