Because we have produced so many custom décor pieces for our clients, we excel at imagining the impossible, capturing the vision, and building amazing décor pieces that are the exact representation of our clients’ brand-look, theme and environmental feel. Custom décor is kind of our jam.

So, Just To Be Clear…What Is Considered Custom Décor?

Custom event décor can be anything from a beautifully-branded, interactive photo station, to small or large décor pieces that are built to specification (like a life-size Airstream-style camper – but we’ll get to that later), to smaller but equally interesting elements (custom signage, PPE, window clings, etc.) In any case, custom décor is not normally something you can easily locate and rent. Because it’s custom, it must be entirely built for your event or at least modified to fit the goals of your overall event design.

Great, I think I get it. So Exactly How Is That Beneficial for Events During COVID-19?

Because safety décor pieces are being encouraged in conference settings for attendees’ safety and peace of mind, we consider this an opportunity to spice things up! If these elements make us safer and help us meet in person, why not add your brand and vision and make them an amazing custom design statement? Here are just a few benefits of utilizing custom event décor during COVID-19:

  1. Increased branding opportunities. Imagine for your speed networking session, your sponsor logos and messages were attached to the top of each plexiglass divider; you definitely won’t be out-of-site, out-of-mind.
  2. Spacing out attendees with style. Want to keep guests distanced but don’t want to see X’s all over your conference floor? What about creating custom separator walls that reflect your brand’s identity?
  3. Utilizing antimicrobial coatings. Looking for an easy-to-clean surface for your highboy tables, registration booths or bars? When you design custom décor, you have the choice of materials. Why not use metals that can easily be sanitized? (Reference)
  4. Well-designed contactless interactive elements. Did you traditionally have a photo booth? Consider a virtual photo booth. We can create custom décor for the photograph background and guests can utilize their personal phones to take photos and share them with other attendees through social media, an online photo gallery or even a conference app.
  5. General seating. Not excited about having one person at a school room table for a general session? Let’s get fancy. We could create each seat into a personal ‘race car’. Or, instead of a traditional banquet chair, we could use beautiful furniture in your brand’s colors and add your logo to the back. Imagine the impact when the event doors open each day!
  6. Dining and Networking Events. Historically, as a planner, you would review each space based on the fire marshal capacity of the room or area and then decide if the space was large enough, right? With COVID-19, the ballroom sizes haven’t changed, but we’re being asked to space things out much more within the same footprint. So, we design layouts that utilize every inch available to give guests room to move while creating an amazing environment. Examples of this include utilizing custom décor that doesn’t have a large footprint or extend out from the wall much; and specifically designing pods within the room that prevent large crowds from gathering.
  7. COVID-19 Safety Items With A Design. From PPE stations, to hand-sanitizer, to floor decals, there is so much opportunity to brand and create! One option we like to start with is the temperature check station. You can do this in the traditional format, with a nurse and hand-held thermometer, or you can utilize one of the swanky new contactless self-check temperature stations. If you decide to do a self-check station, we suggest creating a custom décor surround to help assimilate it into your overall design. It doesn’t have to stick out like a sore thumb; make it purposefully blend in with the design! Going for a beach theme? Maybe the temperature check could be conducted at a lifeguard stand. Get it? Guarding your life …ah, but we digress. The point is, we can envelope these elements into the event design through custom and branded décor, making them less scary and more thoughtfully designed.

I Need This Type Of Decor. But Where Do I Start?

Blue Spark is here to help! We start by having a discovery session to gather as much information as possible and to understand the client and their meeting goals before we put pencil to paper on a design. Here are some of the basic questions to consider when starting to design.

  • What are your event goals?
  • What is your event timeline? When, where, etc.
  • What should we know about your brand?
  • Tell us about your attendees?
  • What is your budget?

How much Does Custom Décor Cost?

Great question. Custom décor can range from as little as $4.00 per branded mask or as much as thousands of dollars for a custom-built life-size Airstream-style camper. But the more important question isn’t how much it costs; it’s how much value does it provide? Custom décor showcases your brand. Our clients’ brands are their livelihood and they fight strongly to protect them. So, when it comes to making sure the décor, design and branding are correct, the value they bring are just as important, if not more, than the investment.

Can You Create Anything?

Yes! (within reason).

Let’s start with a discovery session and figure out what you’re trying to accomplish. You bring the event goals, brand ideals and the vision, and we’ll bring our pad and pencil and creativity to the table.

How Much Lead Time Is Needed?

Lead time will vary depending on the size and scope of the project. Remember earlier we mentioned a kick-butt Airstream-style camper? We did build one for a client’s event, and it took about five months from the initial discovery session to the fully-executed installation. However, for smaller items, like custom-built wooden walls, we suggest a minimum of four weeks to allow for thorough concept design (because, you know there are always revisions,) build specifications, material availability and fabrication.


What kind of custom decor would work for your next live event?