Struggling with managing the never-ending registration line at big conferences? Want to avoid the chaos and make checking in a breeze for your guests?

Check out these awesome tips that will completely enhance the registration process and ensure a seamless conference experience for everyone involved.

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  1. Group Registrants
  2. Prepare Swag Ahead of Time
  3. Digital Check-in System
  4. Utilize a Help Desk
  5. Clear Signage
  6. VIP Check-in Process
  7. Determine Staff and Line Count

Group Registrants

Photo of registration in Phoenix Convention Center

To streamline the check-in process, we recommended grouping attendees based on the first letter of their last names.

Take a through look at the registration list to identify any patterns where a significant number of names begin with the same letter.

For instance, if you have around 400 last names starting with the letter “S,” this would account for nearly half of the total attendees. Adjust accordingly so the lines are as even as possible.

Prepare Swag Ahead of Time

Prepare the registration swag bags and giveaways ahead of time.

The level of effort required for this task may vary depending on the number of items included in the bags and whether there are any personalized items for specific attendees.

To expedite the process, establish an assembly line and ensure that you have sufficient space with tables and chairs for your staff to work comfortably.

Happy staff make this process quicker.

Photo of Attendee gift bags

Digital Check-in System

Utilize a registration system that provides a QR code for digital check-in. With just one click, attendees can check-in, grab their bags, and proceed

Photo of Digital registration check in

Utilize a Help Desk

Make sure there is a Help Desk available at all times to help guests with any necessary changes or updates to their registration.

If any issues or modifications come up, friendly staff will assist in modifying their registration.

Determine Staff and Line Count

Graphic of registration lines

Time your engagement with each guest to determine the number of lines required for efficient check-in.

For instance, let’s consider a scenario where 1000 individuals need to check in between 8am to 11am.

To ensure an efficient flow, it is necessary to determine the number of staff and the number of check-in lines needed.

Since four hours equate to 240 minutes, one approach could be to establish five separate lines, accommodating 200 people per line.

This would allocate approximately 1.2 minutes per guest for the registration staff to check in each person within the four-hour block.


  • Hours Available: 4 hours (240 minutes)
  • 1,000 guests
  • 5 lines = 1.2 minutes per guest/per line

Clear Signage

Ensure clear and visible signage throughout the registration area. If guests can easily find their way without asking for directions, it will expedite the process.

Photo of window clings

VIP Check-in Process

For the esteemed VIP guests or individuals who require a separate check-in process, make sure to inform them in advance.

To ensure a seamless experience, clear and distinct signage will help guide them through the process and enhance their sense of exclusivity and significance.