Client Objective:

Craft an immersive brand experience to launch a new beauty product. (Would you like to see all the photos? Check out this portfolio)

The focal point of this event design was the captivating theme of “fresh-picked possibilities”. Our creative team fully embraced this concept and brought it to life through a variety of stunning floral installations.

From an exquisite floral chandelier to a branded wall designed with blossoms, and even a whimsical birch-branch tree adorned with flowers and ribbons, we created an interactive experience where guests could gather inspiration for their future endeavors.

The guests were presented with countless picture-perfect moments, giving them lots of opportunities to fill their Instagram feeds with stunning images of the brand-new product.

Bike surrounded by floral


  • Access – The chosen venue for this event was a captivating historical building, but it posed a challenge when it came to accommodating our decor elements. With its three levels and numerous rooms on each level, we had to navigate through multiple stairways to bring in all our design elements. This required extra time and effort from our team to ensure a seamless setup.
  • Offsite Location and lack of Transportation – The location of this venue was separate from the hotel, but conveniently close enough for the guests to reach on foot. Nevertheless, a few guests who were not familiar with the area ended up getting lost during their journey. Since transportation was not arranged, many guests resorted to using ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft towards the end of the evening. However, due to the large number of guests, this became quite inconvenient.

Services provided:

Writing down inspiration in New Orleans
Facebook live area for product launch
Immersive brand Experience for Makeup and skincare company New Orleans

The Blue Spark Event Design Difference

We absolutely love this style of event! It’s all about creating immersive brand experiences that truly come alive through unique decor and event design.

If you’re planning to launch a product or service and want to leave a lasting impact on your guests, we’re here to help. Let us be a part of your journey to success!

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