Local and Exclusive Experiences

Step One Tell Us Everything

Do you know where you want to hold your next conference, but are not sure what to do while you’re there? Looking for a local and exclusive experience for an afternoon activity or a ‘WOW’ for your guests on their final night? A discovery session will help us understand your goals so we will be able to recommend the perfect activity for your group.

What kind of experience will your guests expect? What does your organization hope to achieve during the meeting, conference or incentive trip?

Are you including a local tour to give attendees a break from back-to-back seminars? Do you want to impress a group of VIP clients with private dinner reservations at an exclusive restaurant? Maybe you want to book a special off-site event for your team to show them how much you appreciate them.

Whatever your reason for an off-site activity, we can help you find just the right experience!

What are your demographics? Is your group predominantly male or female? How old are they? Are your attendees active?

Does your agenda allow for daytime activities or are you looking for an evening event? For example, do you have time for an eight-hour tour or only four-hour options?

What’s worked? Attendee and spousal tours, outdoor activities (fishing, trap shooting, golfing, etc.), private yacht charters, bespoke culinary experiences, private restaurant buy-outs, behind-the-scenes activities, concert tickets, exotic car road rallies, off-site venue rental with celebrity performances, theme park buyouts, scavenger hunts, VIP experiences.

Knowing what you’ve already done gives us an informed starting point when designing your future events.

There are numerous unique experiences in every destination and we can find just the right fit for your group, but it’s important to know your allocations for the event so we can make appropriate suggestions, both for your attendees and your budget.

Step Two We’ll Do The Rest

After the discovery session, we’ll take all of the information discussed and create recommendations perfect for your event goals, agenda, demographics and budget. #micdrop


Analyze demographics

Evaluate weather/seasonal limitations

Verify availability

Prepare tentative timeline


Select transportation

Design menu (if applicable)

Consider optional enhancements

Coordinate with activity/venue 


Communicate on-site with client and vendors

Ensure positive attendee experience with Blue Spark staff

Achieve and exceed event goals

Review event ROI

Let’s Get Started